Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Issues in a Nutshell

Fooders, check out this article by Michael Pollan in the New York Times called Farmer in Chief. You don't have to read the entire article (though you are of course encouraged to), I'm asking that you read and comment on the first two sections, through 'How We Got Here'.

Pollen lays out three goals that could turn the food system around. Is one more important than another? Do you agree with these goals? Did anything in the article surprise you? Does it raise any questions? How are you affected by the current system. How does this relate to modeling farms after ecosystems?

Please elaborate on your comments:)


  1. i think that he is right about the price of food going up and the old ways of food slowly coming to an end and not working anymore. Im not sure if one of his goals are more important than the other because all three of them are important and i agree with him and what he says about most of it. It surprised me how much this guy really cares about the food system and how its changing because he wrote so much on it. He states facts, opinions and hes just really very detailed about how and what he wrote about it. I wonder why the food system cant be the same as like it was before and why it has to slowly fall. Everybody is effected by the system because they all buy food. I'm not all that effected by it because i dont look that much into it as Pollen did. Even thought i am still consuming the food it affects me.

  2. As i read this article thorough,i really agree with him because he states that the governments are trying to increases the price of food and they cannot handle that situation from expanding production, using energy and many other thing. The food we eat daily effect our life a lot as this article said,,

  3. which government has fallen?

    this article was written a few months back, do you think things have improved or fallen further?

    could we watch Fast Food Nation? or read A steer's Life...i think that is also by Michael pollan...

    scary how fertilizer had its origins in bomb making and pesticides in nerve gas, not to mention how gross high-fructose corn syrup is, and how it is freaking everywhere...

    is it healthy for humans to eat that much meat (190 lb per yr)? and cheap, corn fed, medicated, fatty meat at that...

    the whole system is kinda gross, we're eating oil...not to mention all of the preservatives and extra chemicals needed so that the food can be shipped all over the world and stored on a shelf...

    its this kind of stuff that makes me think i should become vegetarian...but it never happens...and would it really make a difference? what percentage of vegetarian options are made from corn or soy? and are they healthier versions of soy and corn?

  4. do you guys think that there is anyone who remains unaffected by the food situation? no one here is starving, but how much junk food does the average student consume, how many liters of pop -- high fructose corn syrup in liquid form. there are lots of wasted/empty calories in our diets, and this is a result of the messed up food system(s). one year, my advisory served a meal for the school using as little processed, high fructose-y stuff as possible. it was hard, we ended up having sushi there were so few affordable healthy choices for american food...ketchup was pretty disgusting, its almost all processed fake sugar, with a little bit of tomato thrown in XP

  5. i agree with allison. i dont know about you guys but even i eat somewhat alot of junk food. although i do loove sushi we do not get it nearly as much as ketchup or any other snacky junk food.

  6. I realized how the disasters in our world are attached to each other. In the article it briefly explains how most of the problem are caused by food.Even though we do not realize how our daily life is seized and affected by this gradual change in our environment. I used to think that us starting agriculture was the very first bravest thing we did but now i think it is the first mistake human made. we would have been better off than causing ourself problems.

  7. I also agree with Allison And Talia. I did not really paid much attention to what kind of food we are eat but now it has come to my consideration that I have been a lot of junk food lately. I think this can be prevented if organic food is more accessible and efficient. Also we should increase our production too.

  8. Yes something did surprise me in this article. It made me see that if we eat the way global warming is going on we are going to die! That sux!

  9. I agree with everyone here cause I feel the same way about the food interactions with the environments.