Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue Gold (Water)

According to data Will and HaHyung found, of all the water on earth only 1.6% is readily available as freshwater. Consider that 70% of this 1.6% (1.12%) is used for current agricultural practice (growing and processing). What are the effects, good and bad from this heavy use? What does it mean for sustainable agriculture?

In this article, read the sections titled Water Quality as Global Issue and the section about irrigation under Agricultural Impacts on Water Quality. On the blog write your own opinion about the article and comment on what someone else has written. Then, on paper, respond to the following;
1. Define three of the agricultural activities listed in table 5
2. What is a major limitation for sustainable develoment? How does this relate to the old phrase "Dilution is the solution to polution"?


  1. I think this article is very acurate and correct. All the reasons that they state in the article are true about water being the princible problem of water quality, environmentaly and for peoples heath. Because freshwater is needed for plants, it brings good to them from its exelent quality. Although their prediction about some countries having a limitation for freshwater i think is not good and will cause major issues in the future.

  2. i dont understand the dilution method of pollution management....
    not only does the agricultural industry serve as the largest draw of usable water, it is also one of the biggest contributers of water about unequal pressure on the system...
    it is becoming so imbalanced that the system will not be able to support the huge demand for much longer
    when the water supply runs out, the carrying capacity for produce will decrease...which means that farmers will need to find a way to grow more with less

  3. Like this article, we can use only 1.6 percent of water on the earth and rest of water is water that we cannot available for agriculture as farming and planting. I did not even know that agriculture cause the water pollution. However, Most of water that we use for farming comes from groundwater and other stuffs. That is why it causes water pollution which has bad stuffs in the water.

  4. As the article indicates, the amount of fresh water or usable water is much less than the amount of water that has been contaminated by many factors. Inevitably, there is going to be disadvantages to the environment in order to expand urbanization. Although there many things we can do to abate this disadvantages. Also water pollution is a big problem. Water can be polluted easily if does not get enough care. To prevent water water we should pay more attention to our big water sources and use methods to conserve water.

  5. this is really depressing...just like the other articles...people are slowly tearing the world down around them. either there are some BIG renovations to the way everyone lives very soon...or everything explodes...

  6. Renovations, renovations! Isn't that where you (the new and creative work force) come in?